Our Story

Springs Fireplace is a brand of hot pepper products that was born out of my travels to various places around the world. As a farmer and a photographer who admires all cultures, there is nothing like the smell and taste of a new place; especially walking through farmer’s markets to see unknown vegetables and bright colors.  All the while, wondering about the flavors that drift through the air. 

I am attracted to the stories surrounding these places. I am moved by the fact that food can transport us somewhere through taste. This is the beauty of Springs Fireplace hot sauce and salsa. There is a story to tell. We are discovering flavors that stand the test of time but are often overlooked. I source our seeds from farmers who pass on their story in this way and each sauce I make brings together many stories. The rare and uncommon peppers I use trace history and bring to the table flavors bright and rich with the perfect amount of heat. Enjoy our sauces, taste your food, they are meant to be shared over and over again. -Greg